Blogging x 2 While Abroad

Alrighty. It’s official.

I cannot sustain 2 blogs at the same time while doing research remotely, going to class,  creating 3 portfolios, applying for jobs, and travelling sans laptop every weekend.

Turns out I am not a computer like my first boss thought I was. Oh well.

If you would like to keep up with my adventures please check out the blog I am focusing on right now for Cornell Abroad ( and of course check out my Instagram for the most update info on my adventures (@rebecca.lester).

Hopefully I will have some more content to post here soon but I will be prioritizing my Cornell blog for the time being.

Time to catch some Zs before I head to Barcelona tomorrow morning.


When the Heart Stops

The heavens had opened above us. Though we were inside, safe from the violent winds and cutting rain but we were not protected from everything.

As the clouds thundered above us and lightning struck out at the world with the might of Zeus, all I heard were screams.

A woman, a mother, my mother screaming for help as her husband fought for his breath beside her.

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Two Minutes to Travel Day Thoughts

It’s down to two minutes.

Two minutes until travel day. One now; none now.

It’s midnight on July 13th and that means the day has finally come. I go to Europe for the first time ever today.

I don’t think I’ll actually be on European soil until tomorrow but still, it’s a big day.

I have 22 hours of travel to look forward to starting at 9:50 AM. It’s gonna be a long day but after weeks of non-stop coding and presentation preparation, I’m ready to go.

Well, other than the hole in my suitcase I’m patching up and the fact that I need to go eat dinner and make my purse, I am all ready.

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Murphy’s Law Kind of World

Today has been a Murphy’s Law kind of day. You know – those days where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

From insomnia that kept me up until 3AM, to waking up late, to not finding my keys, to having to walk to the bus stop in a drizzle that became a downpour, to my soaking wet shoes breaking a blister on my foot, to burning my tongue on my cider – it has been a rough morning. And it’s not even 10AM yet!

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9 Reasons I Haven’t Posted for 9 Weeks

Hi all,

I’m not totally sure who “all” is, but oh well. I haven’t written on this blog for just about 9 weeks. All of my meanderings have been confined to my mind or written and left abandoned in the great cloud space of Google Drive. Here’s the thing though, I have a lot to say and I have had a lot to say in these past weeks, I just seemed to lose my voice. Because of that I’m going to write this post to clean myself of all the reasons why I haven’t posted and then I am going to write a post for everything I have wanted to say. So, for part one, a list follows.  Continue reading

Alone by Choice

The other day I told someone I can be introverted sometimes. Their reaction? They scoffed at me.

Well, for those reading this who know me, you’ll know that I can be a people person. For those that know me even better, you’ll know I can’t handle too many people – I get that from my dad.

This week I moved into my first apartment. It’s a studio apartment about the size of bedroom back home. With no A/C, having met none of my neighbors, miles from the mostly empty university campus I realized today would be my first day living alone. Like really alone (yes I know that is the slang use for like mom – I can feel the side eye up the coast).

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