Two Minutes to Travel Day Thoughts

It’s down to two minutes.

Two minutes until travel day. One now; none now.

It’s midnight on July 13th and that means the day has finally come. I go to Europe for the first time ever today.

I don’t think I’ll actually be on European soil until tomorrow but still, it’s a big day.

I have 22 hours of travel to look forward to starting at 9:50 AM. It’s gonna be a long day but after weeks of non-stop coding and presentation preparation, I’m ready to go.

Well, other than the hole in my suitcase I’m patching up and the fact that I need to go eat dinner and make my purse, I am all ready.

For the next few days I will be in Finland. Mostly in Helsinki, where the conference is being held. The INGRoup conference of 2016, where researchers from around the world come together to share their discoveries about group and team communication.

As far as I know I will be the only undergraduate there. I’m actually quite nervous about the whole thing. My name will be on the presentation that my professor will be presenting. I know it’s technically a sin but I am really proud and not religious so I guess I’m in the clear.

After learning the coding language R in two weeks (I am in no way fluent) so that I could code statistical analyses for 384 data sets and then designing a presentation I kinda think I deserve to be proud of myself.

And to think this all started with a research scholarship and a required summer of research. It’s crazy.

Three days of non-stop research, networking, and sun. I can’t even begin to fathom what I might learn. But my favorite part?

The fact that I get to work with such amazing people who made it possible for me to do this. The fact that I have a professor who wants me as involved in the research process as I can be. My favorite part is the community (or rather, COMMunity – for any of my comm friends reading this)  that made this possible.

And at the end of this trip, whatever it may bring, I get to go home. I get to spend the day with my best friend and my brother. I get to spend some time with my family and my friends before I set off on my next adventure.

It’s 8 hours from when I will leave Ithaca for Finland. Guess that means I should finish getting ready.


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