Almosts and Adventures

Today has been a day of almosts.

I almost missed my bus this morning. i almost got lost in NYC. I almost had to check my bag at the airport. I almost got to stay in the first class lounge while waiting for my flight.

Someone else almost lost all their belongings after dropping them onto train tracks.

So many almosts.

I’m at Newark International Airport (EWR), sitting on the ground charging my phone. This is the break between part 2 and part 3 of my journey. Part 1 was the 5 hour bus trip to NYC – which I almost missed.

I started my trip on a coach bus where I found out that two of my friends were in the city. I was able to see one of the two – which constituted part 1.5 of this whole crazy trip. We celebrated national fries day together and enjoyed some delicious food from Shake Shack.

Part 2 was way more understated. A 30 minute ride on an overcrowded train from Penn station to EWR. Well it was understated until halfway through the trip the wrong doors opened, spilling a woman’s belongings onto the track below. Whoops!

I guess right now would be 2.5, or pre-3, or something. This in-between part has consisted of unpacking my carry-on because it weighed too much and had to go under. Which meant I had to take my camera out, and when the woman at the check-in counter realized it was my camera weighing down my bag she said it was actually fine and I could take the bag as a carry-on.

With that all worked out I went through security. Which took longer than usual because my passport photo doesn’t look like me anymore (I swear it is me!).

On the other side of the awkward x-ray machine I started up a conversation with a stranger. This stranger is a very cool woman, about my dad’s age, who is on my first flight. She’s flying first class and is waiting for our flight in the first class lounge right now while I sit typing this out on my cell phone next to a charging station.

When we got to the lounge she invited me to come try to enter with her, and told the woman at the entrance that I was her cousin. While we are not cousins and our attempt at continuing our conversation failed she was a good reminder of human kindness and the adventures that await us if we embrace them. (Plus the little kid in me is very happy she offered to bring me snacks from the complimentary food.)

Well now it’s just a waiting game as I wait to leave my third city and second state of the day for another country.

Anyone else have some fun travel stories?

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